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Procorre is a next generation management consultancy. We provide a first-class service through our innovative, expert consultants who deliver client projects to the highest standards. We were built from the same entrepreneurial foundations as those that we represent and, as a result of this, we always hand-pick the very best professionals to suit our clients' needs.

At Procorre, our consultants operate at the cutting edge of their sectors. We ensure that they can work on given projects with full support from the team at Procorre. Consultants receive ongoing, expert advice and should they be required to work internationally we support this. They also receive a compelling benefits package which can include private healthcare and opportunities for career advancement.

Looking for your next project?

At Procorre, we have skilled consultants across a multitude of sectors. With new projects being secured daily, we are always looking to take on talent to satisfy our clients.


Procorre was built from the same fabric as those that it represents – entrepreneurs and innovators. As a result of our roots, we handpick the very best talent to deliver projects to our clients. We ensure that Procorre Consultants have access to:

  • Financial and legal support
  • Private healthcare
  • Access to projects / profit share programmes
  • Expert location knowledge

With new opportunities being secured both at home and abroad, it has never been a better time to join the ranks at Procorre.

Be the talent. Be the future. Join the Procorre Family.

Looking for professional advice?

We provide our clients with end-to-end project management across a range of sectors. We help businesses to deliver.


Emerging from the vision of experienced entrepreneurs and innovators; at Procorre, we know talent when we see it. As a result of this, our clients can always expect the very best individuals suited to their projects. Over a thousand Procorre Consultants work across the globe on long-term or short-term projects for:

  • The world’s largest banks
  • Multi-nationals
  • Global conglomerates.

Our consultants are ready to take on the next project. 

It all starts with you.

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At Procorre, we provide services to clients in over 120 countries. Our expert team offers support and guidance to our consultants, enabling them to deliver high value projects to clients across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and Australasia.

With new international projects across multiple sectors being secured daily, our consultants are ready to deliver the next generation of management consulting.