Experienced consultants who are not currently working on a project can apply to join Procorre as an Associate.

Associates receive access to high value projects along with a range of tangible benefits to enhance their appeal to both clients and preferred suppliers.

Talent Management

The Project Team work closely with Associates to understand their skills and experience, placing them in projects that fit their preferred: destination, remuneration, industry, specialism, and project duration.

Our experience, reputation and global reach means we are able to offer our consultants a huge variety of high value projects, around the world, across a range of industries. If we don’t have the right project for them, we’ll engage with our network of preferred suppliers to help them find the next suitable role.

Increased Marketability

Joining Procorre also increases Associates’ marketability. Clients and preferred suppliers are assured that Procorre Consultants have been thoroughly vetted, are experts in their field and committed to their projects because of the benefits they receive.

Associates come with Margin and Project Disruption Cover too; this gives further peace of mind by providing clients with a significant pay out should our Associate be unable to complete their project for reasons outside of their control. These benefits help our Associates stand out from the crowd.

The Procorre Project Team increase Associates’ chances of securing a high value project by conducting CV and LinkedIn reviews and giving tailored interview guidance.

Enhanced Income

Our Profit Share programme allows our Associates to increase their earnings, even while they’re not working on a project. It rewards them for their contribution to the success of Procorre and for introducing other consultants, partners and projects to us.

Project Services

We provide our Associates with access to consultant friendly mortgages and pensions. Once they are on project and become active Procorre Consultants, they have access to a range of additional benefits, including Private Healthcare and our exclusive Project Income Guarantee.

Global Mobility

Expert Location Knowledge

Associates receive detailed information on any potential new location, including advice on:

  • Cultural practices
  • Business and social etiquette
  • Country specific risks
  • Visa restrictions
  • Employment legislation
  • Taxation regimes
  • Working hours and calendars.

This expert guidance ensures Associates know the implications of working in a given destination and are prepared to live and work there.

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