Project Services

After securing our consultants a project and upon reaching their destination, we provide them with a range of tangible benefits. This safeguards consultants’ income in the event of serious illness or injury, protects their health, ensures they’re paid correctly and that they comply with all legislation. 


We provide consultants with a range of market-leading insurances. While working on intricate projects in unfamiliar locations, these insurances offer financial safeguards in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This ensures peace of mind by eliminating some of the risks of consulting.

Project Income Guarantee

If a Procorre Consultant cannot complete a project due to serious injury or illness, Procorre will pay the consultant up to 60% of their remaining fee.  This gives consultants income security and removes anxiety surrounding potential injury or illness.

Professional and Personal Indemnity Insurance

We also provide all our consultants with up to £2 million for Professional Indemnity and up to £10 million for Public Liability and Employer’s Liability.

Private Health and Accident Cover

Procorre Consultants receive Private Health Care care either free or at a heavily discounted rate. This is provided by leading healthcare specialists and provides better terms than policies available on the open market.

It is a "Medical History Disregarded"’ policy and the level of cover is “complete”, meaning:

  • Consultants can claim for eligible conditions that existed before enrolment
  • They do not have to disclose their medical history
  • Their GPs will not be contacted
  • Consultants receive fully refunded outpatient benefits

This assures consultants that their health is soundly protected:

Project Performance Advisor

We provide a range of services and advice that alleviates the consultant's administrative burden, ensuring they’re paid correctly and assures legal and financial compliance.

  • Employment structure advice
  • Assistance running your Limited Company
  • Assistance setting up local bank accounts
  • Access to consultant friendly mortgages and pensions

Should consultants experience difficulties while on project, their dedicated Project Performance Advisor will be on hand to help resolve them. This means consultants can focus entirely on their project.


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